How It Works

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Precision Point.

Grab the base of the massager with your palm, wrap your fingers around the sides and up to the ball tip. With this position you can articulate the movement of the massager as if you are drawing on the skin. It’s a great way to apply just a the right amount of pressure at a designated point and one of the best ways to utilize the massager over clothing. Here, the weight of the massager aids in alleviating some of the work.

Deep Tissue.

If you find a place that needs a little extra pressure, move the massager base to the heel of your palm and fold your fingers around the sides. With this hand position, the massager becomes an extension of your forearm, allowing you to apply more pressure to a specific spot and can replace the elbow when needed.

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Wide Edge.

This is the best technique for fascial friction and skin scraping with or without oil. Place your middle finger in the divot on the base, and wrap your knuckles around the wide edge. The ball tip of the massager should be in your palm and you can use the other side of the wide edge to massage. This position also allows you to massage the muscles of your own hand with ease.


Pick up the massager by the tip and use the base for soothing surface strokes. This is the ideal way to use the massager when heated since the bottom will remain hot while the tip stays cool to touch. The divot underneath may also provide a mild suction effect when pressed and moved across the skin.