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The Story.

Certified Massage Therapist and Artist, Evan Morganstern, conceived, developed, and patented element’s design after years of exploring various tools in his practice. By merging the principles of stone therapy, hand held massagers, and the aesthetics of a healing environment; he created a simple, versatile, and dynamic device.

A Note From the Designer.

My creative journey began while working as a massage therapist in Southern California. I met a local glass blower named Josiah and asked him if he had ever made a massage tool out of glass? He said “sort of.” With my background in art as well as massage, his response piqued my curiosity and into the world of boro (borosilicate glass) I went…

Josiah and I met up in his school bus that was converted into a glass studio and I offered him the classic wooden “knobble” as a preliminary form to replicate. That night, a beautiful prototype was created. I went home, studied the properties of boro and thought to myself… ”why hasn’t anyone done this yet? I am going to make a massager that will not end up in someone’s drawer.”

Josiah recommended that I keep it a boutique item, but I saw the product in a much bigger light. 

I went to a number of glass workers in the area seeking local production, and ended up learning a few tricks on the torch. No one could make them consistently so, I decided to make them myself.

It took me two years and several hand made molds to shape element into the distinct form you feel today. I am honored to now be able to offer this perfected and patented product to the world. Bless….


The Product.

But… why glass?

Like many crystals, glass is a form of silica that has been purified by heat and fire. When most think of hand-made glass, they have a vision of a molten honey-like substance being drawn from a furnace and shaped it into a vase, small figurine, or a delicate form that may break on impact. This type of glass is commonly known as “soft”, “hot” or soda-lime glass, and is generally desirable for its decorative qualities.

The element massager is made of another type of glass known for its functionality, called Borosilicate or “hard” glass. 

Borosilicate is typically used for scientific, medical, or culinary purposes where durability is essential. This type of glass is composed of the same ingredients as soft glass but with boron oxide added into the mix, making it less dense and less prone to thermal shock. Being less dense allows the molecules more room to move during heat expansion and resilience against cracking if dropped on hard surfaces.

Element is hand shaped from a solid rod of borosilicate glass. It is then double annealed to ensure structural integrity allowing it to stand as one of the most versatile, hygienic, and durable tools to use on the body.


Element is the flagship product of Spa Glass LLC. Spa Glass’s mission is to create economical as well as ethical massage products which resonate health and engage the senses of sight and touch.