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The Story.

element’s story begins with a search to find a beautiful, ergonomic and functional massage tool to use in the art of healing. Certified Massage Therapist and Artist, Evan Morganstern, developed and patented the design for the element after years of exploring proper tools to use in his work. By merging the principles of stone therapy, ergonomic deep tissue tools and the aesthetic nature of the healing environment, he created a simple, versatile and effective design.

A Note From the Designer.

element’s creative journey begins when I was working as a massage therapist in Southern California and met a local glass blower named Josiah. I asked Josiah if he had ever made a therapeutic massage tool out of glass and he said “sort of.” With a background in art as well as massage therapy, his response piqued my curiosity and into the world of hard (borosilicate) glass I went… 

I offered the Josiah classic wooden “knobble” as preliminary form and we met up in a school bus that was converted into a glass studio. A prototype was created, I studied the properties of borosilicate and thought to myself…”why hasn’t anyone done this yet?” 

Josiah recommended that I keep it a boutique item but I saw the product in a much bigger light. These things should be everywhere and the shape needs to be perfect.

I went to a number of glass blowers in the area, learned a few tricks and decided to make them myself. It took me two years and several hand made molds to shape element into its versatile and beautiful form you see today and I am honored to offer it to the world.


The Product.

 It’s all in the details…

When most think of hand-made glass, they have a vision of molten glass being drawn from a furnace and shaped it into a vase, small figurine or a delicate form that may break on impact. This type of glass is commonly known as “soft”, “hot” or soda-lime glass and generally desirable for its decorative qualities.

The element massager is made of another type of glass known for its functionality, called Borosilicate or “hard” glass. 

Borosilicate is typically used for scientific or medical purposes where durability is essential. This type of glass is composed of the same ingredients as soft glass but with boron oxide added into the mix, making it less dense and less prone to thermal shock. Being less dense allows the molecules more room to move during heat expansion and resilience against cracking if dropped on hard surfaces.

Element is hand shaped from a solid rod of borosilicate glass. It is then double annealed to ensure structural integrity allowing it to stand as one of the most versatile, hygienic and durable tools to use on the body.

But How Can We make a hand-made item consistently without pouring it into a mold?

There are many shapes presented to the massage market as hand held devices. Element industries sought out to make a distinct form that would hold heat, relieve strain from the therapist’s hands and also sit as paperweight and reminder that the body is a temple.

 The original element had a great shape which contoured the hand nicely and offered strength but it was hard to handle when heated. We solved that problem by adding a marble shape tip to the top, not only giving it a handle that carried less heat but also the ability to work at different angles as the ball is tilted.

 The dimple on the bottom of element was proposed by one of our glass artists for optical variation. That idea worked out wonderfully for optics and also as a finger groove as element was turned on its side. Element can be worked at nearly any angle and sanitized with the ease of a wipe because of its sleek, durable and subtly round structure.

element shape was formed using a graphite mold process. Each element massager is carefully hand-crafted from medical grade borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is unique as a medium is its dynamic strength, ability to be easily shaped into ergonomic form, heated or cooled and simple sanitization.


Element is the flagship product of Spa Glass Incorporated. Spa Glass Inc.’s mission is to create and economically offer products made of borosilicate glass which resonate health and engaged both the sense of sight as well as touch.